Hand Crafted Quality

The Hand Crafted Difference

Have you ever bought an item that breaks in 6 months? When we need something we tend to go to the big name department store around the corner to purchase that thing and while this is fine and the most feasible for simple items like your food storage containers. The issue with those big name department stores is that they are there to make a lot of money very fast and they do this by selling very low quality products cheaply.  So when that cheap item inevitably breaks, you have to return to that department store to buy another one (they bet on your item breaking so you go back to buy another one.).

Lets use a wallet for example. Say you buy one and use it for 4 months and the fake leather that its made of starts to crack and peel. You start thinking well its probably time to by a new one, but it still serves its purpose so you hold off for another few months. By this time its completely falling apart. So you reluctantly head back to that same department store to buy another. This same process continues over the next 5 years after which you have inevitably spent hundreds of dollars on wallets. (I know this was me.) Ironically as I'm typing this, the stool that I am sitting on that I bought a week ago from the same big name department store just cracked. I know I'm still learning too.

Now lets say you buy a wallet that was made by hand using traditional techniques. This wallet will last at least 100 years and will be something you hand down to your children and they can hand down to their children. I had a gentleman around 60 years old recently walk into my shop asking me about repairing a stitch in his wallet. His wallet was packed full with numerous cards he had amassed over the years. He explained to me about how this wallet was his grandfathers wallet and it had been passed down through 3 generations! That traditional leather wallet was well over 100 years old and was still in great shape.

This same quality item is the item I strive to produce putting my blood, sweat and tears into the products I make. (That last statement is a general summary of what happened yesterday.) Every product I make is made with heart (Easter egg) and is made to last and as we know accidents happen so because of that all products will be repaired for free.

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