Cheap Leather Vs. Real Leather

"If your leather belt starts to crack and peel only after a short period of time. You bought some crap leather."

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Machine Stitch Vs. Hand Stitch

Machine Stitch Vs. Hand Stitch Sewing Machine Lock Stitch A sewing machine uses essentially one type of stitch regardless of the pattern it produces. This stitch is called a lock stitch. A lock stitch utilizes two threads, one on the topside of the fabric and one on the underside of the fabric. These two threads are then crossed in the hole that the needle creates while sewing. While the stitch is strong, it is completely dependent on one thread to hold the other thread in place. If one string breaks or is cut then the entire stitch unravels. Have you ever had a...

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What is leather?

There are many types of leather but which one is best? That particular question is difficult to answer. It all depends on what you want out of the leather and what you want the finished product to be. Lets take it back to the start of how leather is made. Leather is the processed hide or skin of an animal. That animal could be a goat, a horse, a lizard or even an ostrich but most commonly cow hide is used. After an animal is butchered the hide has to be cured or processed in order to keep from rotting...

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